San Antonio Preliminary

Please contact Debbie Harris at or call (210)-849-5012 for prelim information.

The San Antonio competition is for Teen, Miss, Ms. Mrs., and Elite divisions.

Entry fee: $200 dollars

Entry Fee for Baby Miss, Wee Miss, Tiny Miss, Little Miss, Pre-Teen: $75


A winner will be awarded in each category. Saturday will be orientation and interview (20%) judging, Sunday will be the live pageant including swimwear 20%, evening gown 20%, photogenic 20%, Fashion 20%. There will be a top 5 in each category to answer a final judges question to receive a possible, additional 10 points. Mrs. and Elite contestants will not compete in Swimwear but will have an Activewear category.


  • 0-1yrs Baby Miss American Beauty
  • 2-3 Wee Miss American Beauty
  • 4-5 Tiny Miss American Beauty
  • 6-10 Little Miss American Beauty
  • 11-13 Pre-teen American Beauty
  • 14-18 Teen American Beauty
  • Miss American Beauty- at least 19 Single, never married up to age 29
  • Ms. American Beauty- 20+ Married, Unmarried, widowed, divorced, with or without children. Anyone can compete.
  • Mrs. American Beauty- 25+ Married, under age 50.
  • Elite Over age 50
  • Voluptuous (size 14 and up)