Frequently Asked Questions

1. When and where is the pageant? Why was the location chosen?

The American Beauty National Pageant will be held in San Antonio, TX. San Antonio is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation and
is home to a mecca of shopping, dining, entertainment, and family activities. You are certain to enjoy your stay in San Antonio’s metropolis! San Antonio is also the home to the Word Champion’s Spurs Basketball team.

2. What are the age requirements for me to compete in the National Miss American Beauty® Pageant?

  1. Tiny Miss age 3-7
  2. Little Miss age 8-12
  3. Teen age 13-18
  4. Miss age 19-29
  5. Ms. – Any age (Married, Unmarried, Never Married, Widowed, or Divorced)
  6. Mrs. – 20+ (Married)
  7. Elite – 50+ (Married, Unmarried, Never Married, Widowed, or Divorced)
  8. Voluptuous – 13+ and size 12 and up (Married, Unmarried, Never Married, Widowed, or Divorced)
  9. Latina – 50% Hispanic all divisions
  10. Fit – all divisions except Tiny and Little Miss

3. Will I need to have a platform?

If you have a passion for a particular issue, being in a pageant and having a platform is a dream come true to a titleholder. But you don’t
have to have a platform; you can just do the pageant for fun or because it is a new experience for you. You don’t have to have grandiose
aspirations of changing the world to enter and win this pageant…it’s great to make a difference and a platform during the pageant
certainly provides a valuable resource for that (plus it gives you lots to talk about in your Personal Interview!) And more importantly,
educating people about an issue near and dear to you is a very gratifying and wonderful way to spend your year as a local (or state/national)
titleholder and is to be commended.

4. What expenses does my entry fee cover during the pageant?

Producing and running a pageant of this caliber is very expensive. Your entry fee covers most activities, food, transportation, flowers, marketing and advertising,
the pageant program book, judges and staff expenses, accommodations for returning Queens to the National Pageant,
is just the beginning. Our entry fee is very comparable to other pageants of this caliber. Our pageant is the *best* pageant value.

5. What resources are available to me when I enter?

The packet you will receive after paying your deposit contains valuable resources you will need to compete including:

  • Schedule of events
  • Contact information of pageant sponsors
  • Resources to help you prepare.
  • A trunk show from our wardrobe sponsor to help you with your gown and other wardrobe choices for the pageant. This is not mandatory, nor are there fees to attend,
    and are designed to help you with options to be your very best pageant weekend!

6. What forms of payment does the pageant accept?

Credit cards are accepted via PayPal. Please note: all checks from sponsors must be made out to you. The pageant office only accepts checks from you, your parents or in your spouse’s name. Businesses can pay with a credit or debit card via PayPal, also. Please visit the payments page for more information.

7. Who runs the American Beauty National Pageant and who is American Beauty?

Debbie Harris owns the U.S. Trademark Registration No.: 3266757 American Beauty® American Beauty® is also made up of a number of professional staff members. Our address is 7700 Broadway #104-122 San Antonio, Texas 78209. Debbie’s email is: info@missamericanbeauty.com. Phone (210) 849-5012.

8. What do I get if I win?

  • The Winners of Nationals of each division will receive a cash award after crowning their successor and after fulfillment of their contract. Winners must return to the National Pageant the following year.
    • Accommodations and meals will be provided
    • $500.00 will be paid only after crowning the new titleholder
  • Prizes from Pageant sponsors
  • Opportunity to represent all women of America.
  • Each Division MUST have at least five contestants in your division in order to qualify as a division.

9. What kind of commitments do I have to make the year of my reign should I win?

You can do as much or as little as you would like. This means that appearances are up to you; our marketing efforts rely somewhat on your participation and willingness to make appearances as the Local, State, or Regional, or National titleholder for the American Beauty® National Pageant. But we also know you have a family and other obligations so we don’t always expect you to be doing something every weekend. If you desire to make more we will support you any way we can. Our preference is that you commit to at least two appearances a month. If you win the National Pageant, your contract will change and you will be under the National office direction.

10. Who Can Enter?

Young ladies 4 years old and older may enter the National Pageant. Children and length of marriage are not a considering factor in the Ms. division. No pageant experience is necessary. As many as 80% of the women who enter a pageant have never entered before! Women must be naturally a born female and reside in America. Military wives stationed in another area but from America (by birth or previous residency) are the exceptions. Email us if you have questions regarding your eligibility. You will be required to sign an agreement outlining expectations for your year should you win the pageant.

11. What is the entry fee, what does it include, and who pays for it?

The entry fees to enter the American Beauty® National Pageant is disclosed on your registration form. This will vary from Local, State, and National. This includes a reduced rate at the host hotel for your accommodations at The Fairmount Hotel; for the National Pageant most meals during the weekend; contestant gifts upon arrival; welcome reception to include your family.

You can either pay the fees yourself, or enlist the help of sponsors, who can be family members, organizations or businesses.

12. How do I know which title I will have for the pageant?

Most contestants you will see at the American Beauty® National Pageant are “at-large”, which means the contestant did not have to win another pageant to enter this one. All contestants will have a title; your title will be first come, first served based on when entry form and payment is received. Once you are accepted and your deposit is paid you will then order your crown from Allen’s Crowns (State crown is design #2) and a satin sash from Sashes.com, with your first title choice; if that is not available, you will get your second title choice. * Please note that State directors are being sought for all areas, if you would like to produce a preliminary pageant to American Beauty®
National Pageant, please let the National office know right away. We are currently looking for directors in all State areas that are not highlighted on the director’s map. Other areas will be considered as well. At this time, we have State Pageant directors in the areas that are highlighted on the director’s map. If you are from these areas and want to enter the State Pageant first, please let us know ASAP. Entering a Local or State Pageant, if there is one available is very beneficial because it gives you experience before the National Pageant. Entry fees are less at Local and State, and the winner gets a prize package and fees paid to the Next Level of Competition.

13. What titles are available to me?

Please email us to determine the best titles for you based on your geographic location and what is available.